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About Romeo DiBattista Jr.

Romeo DiBattista Jr. is a highly experienced entrepreneur who serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of several successful companies based in Canada. One company, Brovi Investments Limited, has developed an extensive portfolio of real estate investments over the span of 40 years.

Romeo is also the CEO of ALRO Strategic Investors Inc, a global private equity firm focused on a collaborative approach to transform companies and or projects in achieving their long term goals. ALRO works with management to develop and implement strategies that leverage ALRO’s existing operational and financial resources, while always working as one team, achieving one goal.

Romeo is passionate about being environmentally and ecologically friendly. He always seeks out opportunities to recycle, take a thoughtful approach to waste management, and convert waste to energy. On this site, Romeo plans to share his knowledge about the environment and making a positive impact on the world.

More about Romeo

Romeo DiBattista Jr. spent much of his early career as an investment banker. In addition to his current work with Brovi Investments Limited, he is an active member of his community. He enjoys supporting local organizations and events.