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About Romeo DiBattista Jr.

Romeo DiBattista Jr. is a highly experienced entrepreneur who serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of two successful companies based in Canada. One company, Brovi Investments Limited, has developed an extensive portfolio of real estate investments over the span of 40 years. The other company, The Recycling Depot Group of Companies, is a prominent integrated solid waste management services organization.

This website will focus on the second of these two pillars of Romeo’s career, sharing his insights and long-term commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability.

Romeo joined The Recycling Depot Group of Companies in March of 2009 and has served as President and CEO ever since. A forward-thinking professional, Romeo is driven by opportunities to innovate in the sector. This is complemented by his thorough understanding of the North American market — so that Romeo can think up big ideas and then strategically bring them into reality.

When Romeo DiBattista Jr. first became a part of the team at The Recycling Depot Group of Companies, it was still a fledgling group that had not quite found its footing in the business community. Romeo was responsible for identifying, acquiring, and licensing an unused facility in Maple. Canada where the waste management company could be headquartered. His careful approach to business development has led the group to flourish ever since.

The Recycling Depot Group of Companies has grown to have international influence via cross-border business deals with the United States. For example, it has partnered with Re-Energy Holdings (a New York-based company) which creates sustainable power from biomass and other waste products. The company consistently meets the high standards of the waste management industry, and it has grown from revenues of $3 million to $12 million.

Romeo is passionate about being environmentally and ecologically friendly. He always seeks out opportunities to recycle, take a thoughtful approach to waste management, and convert waste to energy. In addition to his work with The Recycling Depot Group of Companies, Romeo previously facilitated the clean filling of 3 million cubic meters to be used as ponds for local wildlife during his tenure as President and CEO of Rom-neg Construction.

More about Romeo

Romeo DiBattista Jr. spent much of his early career as an investment banker. In addition to his current work with The Recycling Depot Group of Companies and Brovi Investments Limited, he is an active member of his community. He enjoys supporting local organizations and events.