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Summertime is here, which means spending more time outside. Summer is the season for campouts, swimming, grilling, and having friends and family over for weekend cookouts. For the earth-conscious host, there are many sustainable cookout supply options that won’t break the budget. Save time, money, and the planet with these great choices.

Set the good time tone and let guests know that their bellies are front-of-mind with these hilarious plates. Durable enough to stand up to the “hangriest” appetites, but more environmentally friendly than standard paper plates, these kraft paper plates are completely recyclable.

Skip the cleanup and the waste bin with this all-natural, sustainable bamboo tableware. Grown, harvested, and created with sustainability in mind, this set is made from sustainably harvested biodegradable bamboo. After the guests have finished their meals, they do not have to worry about helping with clean up duties; the tableware can go directly into the compost bin.

These cold-cups are made from eco-friendly GMO-free cornstarch and are completely compostable and biodegradable. These cups are durable enough to last all day long and completely safe for the earth. So skip the plastic cups and opt for these environmentally friendly alternatives.

If little ones are attending the backyard fun then straws are a must. Keep the planet’s oceans safe by skipping the plastic straws and opting for these biodegradable paper straws. They come in a variety of fun colors to match any party decor.

Cookouts can be messy. Help guests keep their hands neat with these durable 3-ply napkins. Festive and fun, these napkins are the perfect touch for cookout clean up. Printed with non-toxic water-soluble dyes, these napkins are safe for your guests and the earth.

No backyard party or cookout is complete without this stylish table cover. Grease and water resistant, these recyclable rolls of kraft paper make clean up a breeze. The tube roll ensures that only what is needed is used and the rest can be conveniently stored until the next shindig.

Skip the plastic storage bags or paper plates covered with tin foil, and send leftovers home with guests in these fun food-grade paper sheets. You can easily use these sheets to dress up serving bowls, accent platters, and stuff goodie bags. Versatile, flexible, and food and earth-friendly, these paper sheets have endless uses.