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There is no limit on what to recycle! People think that only the typical items can be recycled – bottles, cans, cardboard. However, there are many materials that you many not know are also welcomed with open arms. Here are a few of them, according to thebalancesmb:

Gift cards, credit cards, and hotel keys are all made of PVC and can be melted in sheets made of the same substance which will then be used to make… more gift cards, credit cards, and hotel keys.

Places such as reCork recycle wine corks, as natural cork is actually completely biodegradable and is able to be used in many future endeavors like creating tiles, craft materials, and developing building insulation.

Pet fur and pantyhose. Why do these two go together? Well, some companies will use old pantyhose to grind them into making materials used to create benches and carpets, and oil containment booms. Pet fur is used in order to craft hair which can help create these oil containment booms.

Are you a tennis player? Well, you can donate your old tennis balls and tennis shoes (and even the gum you chewed while playing) in order to make tires, toys, and making tennis balls new again my re-pressurizing the balls and recycling the shoes.

Then there are products like dentures and prosthetic limbs that can be disassembled in order to get value of what’s left, such as reclaiming the silver metals inside of the dentures and selling them off to make money for charity. The limbs which cannot be reused in the United States are also disassembled in order to be sent overseas for victims of various accents, where they are reassembled and re-purposed for people around the world.

As you see, so many things people may not particularly think can be used for other purpose actually can be, therefore it is important to do some research in order to be able to recycle correctly and to the fullest extent of your abilities! You never know what might be recyclable or what other people might need, therefore it is important to keep a list of these organizations in mind, organizations that can turn trash into life-changing treasure. Therefore keep this all in mind next time you are about to throw things away.