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Not many people realize that there are dozens of things that they can do to not only reduce their water bill but also to conserve the environment. When you use less water in the home, you will be preventing pollution of the nearest sources of water, and you will also be reducing the carbon footprint on the planet by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that result from the water treatment plants. Here are a few simple tips that will be of great use in domestic water consumption.

The bathroom and toilet

This is where most of the wastage in the home occurs. One of the things that people do not realize is that whenever you put disposable personal hygiene items in the toilet bowl and flush, you are wasting gallons of water. Instead of making this mistake, get a dustbin and put it somewhere in the bathroom. It is a fact that taking a bath sometimes leads to the use of less water than when you shower. While showering will not be practical when going to work, you can install water saving shower heads and train yourself to take shorter times in the shower.

Dealing with leaky faucets and sinks

Most people ignore that lose faucets which drips water as long as the water is not dripping onto the floor or another surface which may get ruined. This is unfortunate because that small drop can translate to a gallon of water every dozen-hours and if left for a few months, the bill will reflect the difference. Always check your faucets and make sure that they are correctly fitted. There are times when hidden parts of the plumbing may have leaks, and the easiest way to check is through the meter. Make sure that no loss is happening.

Outdoor conservation tips

Below is a summary of the tips that can help you conserve your outdoor water:

  • Use a broom to clean sidewalks and not a hose
  • Turn off the hose when you are washing your car and only spray it when rinsing
  • Swimming pools can be covered to lower evaporation rates
  • Always reuse water whenever possible

These are some of the measures which you can take to make sure that you have controlled water consumption in your home. With time, you will adjust and even sensitize everyone else about their water spending habits.