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For all of the grilling foodies out there just waiting for summer, let’s look at upcoming ideas that are perfect for a friend or family event.

  1. Time to bring the cast-iron skillet outdoors to make a starter recipe of Skillet Spinach-Artichoke Dip With Fire-Roasted Bread. Be sure to make plenty as this is a crowd-pleaser.


  1. Instead of the run of the mill hot dogs, try cooking sweet or spicy Italian sausages or bratwurst on the grill. Offer a variety of toppings that include sauerkraut, relish, and salsa. Don’t forget the mustard.


  1. While the cast iron is being used on the grill, think about grilling up some barbecue beans giving them a sweet, tangy, smokey flavor. Using honey with molasses is the old fashion way Grandma used to season them. Adding flaked red pepper will add a touch of heat.


  1. When the grill comes out this summer, the crowd may be craving a grilled hamburger to start the summer season. To make this classic a bit tastier, glaze the burger on both sides with Worcestershire sauce while cooking. Add cheese on the last flip for a masterpiece.


  1. As a topper for grilled sausage or hot dogs, this smoky horseradish slaw is a natural addition. Made with red cabbage, wine vinegar, mustard, as well as horseradish, this grilled slaw will wake up the flavors of anything it is combined with.


  1. Wanting some seafood? Think of grilled salmon on a cedar plank dripping in a honey and ginger sauce served with avocado salsa. Grill some pita bread and make a salad to round out a delightful summer dish.


  1. Be sure to soak the wood skewers before grilling these Greek chicken delights. The secret is in the creamy yogurt-based sauce. This dish can be served as a starter or a part of the main course. The skewers are great with pita bread and hummus. If you need a dish in a hurry, these skewers time out at around 30 minutes start to finish.


  1. If something sweet is needed to round out the meal, don’t close down the grill just yet. Cut fresh peaches in half and throw them on the grill. Serve with a biscuit and vanilla ice cream. For full recipes, click here.