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To develop your palate, you will need to experience the foods you eat more intimately. Take more time to move the food around and taste it in different areas of your tongue. If you are tasting beverages like wine, the same kind of attention will awake your taste buds and make them more discriminating. You don’t have to be a 5-star chef to know how to enjoy the flavors in your favorite foods, as well as new dishes you try.

Broaden Your Horizons

If you eat the same kinds of foods every day, you’re almost guaranteed to never raise your palate. The right way to do this is to try new foods, so your taste buds are exposed to new flavors. If you eat out regularly, try going to a different kind of restaurant with different types of cuisine. For instance, if you plan on having Italian tonight, opt for some Cajun cuisine instead. Smaller changes matter too. Try something as simple as using a dressing you’ve never tried on your salad.

Focus On Your Food

There is so much that can distract you from experiencing all the flavors of the foods you eat. So many people do things like watching television, striking conversations, watching their surroundings, and so one when they are eating. If you really want to develop your tasting, it might take eating alone or with others who are like-minded. Put away your phone, turn off the television, and pay more attention to the flavors in your food.

Watch Your Breathing

There is more to tasting food than most people realize, and it has a lot to do with smell. If you take your time to breathe properly while you eat, you’ll notice the flavor of your food more intensely. Molecules from the foods you eat, called food volatiles, pile up in the back of the throat as you chew. When you inhale through your nose, you inhale these flavor molecules, and the food you are eating tastes more flavorful.

Above all, take the time to savor your food. For example, if you know a dish you’re eating contains oregano, try to catch its flavor. Close your eyes, chew slowly, and breathe evenly. You will be surprised at the flavors you will pick up on when you pay just a little more attention to your food.