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If you are lucky enough to travel to Europe, it’s worth knowing which delicacies to try in each country. Stereotypes exist for a reason and in these cases, the reasons are delicious. 

Austria is known for its strudel. It is a sweetly layered, delicate dessert that has crispy dough. There are a variety of fillings, but the most popular one is apple with or without raisins. The locals highly recommend a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla sauce. 

Belgium has many delightful dishes to try, such as mussels and fries or steak au poivre. By far the most iconic street food is the Belgian waffle. There are two types – the Liege style has a much thicker batter and has sugar beads inside that burst as the batter is cooked. The Brussels style is a lighter, fluffier version. It is crispier on the outside and lighter within. Either way, they are meant to be enjoyed on the go, with a light topping of powdered sugar, whipped cream or berries. 

Flaming and fried cheese is very popular in Greece and the Middle East. Halloumi cheese is a semi-hard, brined and unripened cheese. It is composed of a unique blend of goat and sheep milk and has a very high melting point. Because of this, it is perfect for grilling or frying. 

If you travel to France, there is a reason people constantly talk about their bread. Aside from the obvious baguettes and loaves, the croissant is a masterpiece unto itself. It can be plain or filled with either savory or sweet ingredients. It is named because of its crescent shape. 

Germany has also made many contributions to the gastronomy world. Aside from bratwurst and beer, the bavarian soft pretzel has countless followers. Some are dipped in mustard, some are served with ham and cheese inside. Another very popular dish is called spaetzle, which is an egg-based pasta.

Pizza as we all know it is proudly based in Italy. They are very proud of their recipes for dough, sauce, and cheese and will compete fiercely for the honor of being proclaimed the best. 

If you travel to Poland, pierogies and sausage are a must-try. Pasta dumplings can be filled with potato, cheese, ground meat, sauerkraut or even fruit. Strawberry pierogies are a delicious dessert item. There is even an annual festival to celebrate the devouring of these delicious morsels.