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One of your biggest monthly expenses is food. It’s a necessary item we all need to buy, and the grocery store is cheaper than a restaurant. If you want to lower your monthly food expenses, you’ll need to find tips and tricks to lower your grocery bill.

Luckily, there are many little changes you can make that will make a big cut to your monthly food budget.

  1. Sign Up For Your Grocery Store’s Mailing List

The first way to save money on groceries is to sign up for all the places your grocery store is advertising their deals, including their online newsletter. There are often coupons and deals there. Many grocery stores now have apps where you can save weekly coupons and apply them at the register.

  1. Brand Names Are Often Unimportant

Look at the ingredients. With a little testing, you’ll learn which brand name products actually make a difference for you, and where the store brands are just as good, but with a deep price cut to help you save.

  1. Look at the Top And Bottom Shelves

The most expensive items in the store are placed at eye level. Most people don’t want to look up or bend down to find all the options available, so that’s where the cheaper products are kept.

  1. Write A List Before You Go To The Store

Make a list and stick to it! Grocery stores want you to make impulse purchases. This is where you can end up really splurging. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry, and be wary of ever straying from your list.

You can build your list at home before you go, after you look through the store’s weekly deals and check for coupons online.

  1. Check The Price Per Unit

Sometimes, the bulk packaged item is the better deal. We’ve all been trained to assume this is always true, so few of us actually check. At many stores, they will put the price per ounce on the sales tag on the shelf. If not, you can use your phone’s calculator to find the number for yourself and determine what’s truly the better deal.

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, also consider whether you’re likely to eat the bulk packaged product in a reasonable amount of time. If you won’t use the whole package, it’s not truly a deal to buy the bulk package.

  1. Try Different Stores

Check out the flyers and coupons for all the grocery stores within a reasonable radius of your home. Look at the products you are most likely to buy. Who truly has the best deals for how you shop? Finding the best store for you will be key to savings.