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Spices are a necessary part of nearly all recipes, but there are many options to choose from. A good combination of some base spices can last and go a long way in adding flavor.

Garlic Powder is a staple in most pantries because of its use in so many dishes. Though some people take the recommendations liberally, it adds a depth of flavor to all types of cuisines, many times shining through.

Cinnamon is a great addition when there needs to be added sweetness without using sugar. It is extremely adaptable in the foods it can be added with, from fruit and vegetables to meats and soups. Cinnamon is a keeper in the pantry.

Though it may seem somewhat obvious, black pepper is a must for home spices. The pepper adds a spice to dishes and is able to include in most anything that needs a little kick.

Paprika is another spice that is flexible to use with many foods. Paprika is commonly known as a staple in most taco seasonings. This is a common find in many vegetable and meat dishes, but it is versatile enough to add a great flavor to many other dishes.

Onion powder is a spice similarly used with garlic powder. When onions are not included in the dish, having this powder still adds that depth of flavor. From pastas and meats to stir fry and other Asian dishes, onion powder can be a lifesaver when missing the real thing.

One of the most commonly used spices globally is Ginger. There are many cultures that use Ginger for some medicinal properties, such as treatment for nausea, along with its culinary uses. Ginger adds a kick to many dishes and can even be used to make tea.

Another common find in many pantries is dried herbs. Having these on hand can give you flexibility and control over what type of flavor you would like to add to dishes. Some of the more commonly used herbs are basil, rosemary, and cilantro.

With so many spices available, this is a very brief list of some necessities. The spices listed are area great starting point to add into most dishes and add some great tastes to your dishes.